Cadence Glitter Relief Paste – Silver 150ml


This pot contains 150ml of Glitter Relief Paste.

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Water based acrylic paste, applied for giving dimensional effects on all hard surfaces. Having ultra-fine cut glitter built into a binding paste gives you ultimate dimension and texture whilst also showcasing the vibrant colours of glitter.

A creamy heavy bodied paste is designed to dry fully transparent, leaving behind an abundance of textured glitter in your favourite colours.

Spread evenly through a stencil this paste burnishes giving you high reflection and immense texture. Use this to paint with to add highlight and accents to existing paper craft or home decor projects.

Can be used outdoors all year round but protect from frost, a layer of Cadence Aqua Atone Varnish is recommended as a final layer if outdoor use is desired.

This pot contains 150ml of Glitter Relief Paste.

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Weight 195 g
Dimensions 7 × 7 × 5.5 cm